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We are always looking for quality work from new or experienced writers. Please read all our submission guidelines carefully before submitting work. Submitting automatically signs you up to our free mailing list.


Since Gold Dust publishes only two editions per year, normally one in June and one in December, and since we don't accept simultaneous submissions, we recommend that you submit two to three months prior to the publication dates to limit the time that your work is tied up with us. There is nothing to be gained by submitting before this; all submissions have an equal chance regardless of whether they arrive early or later. Authors are, of course, free to submit unaccepted work elsewhere as soon as they are informed of this decision.

Target response time is within 12 weeks. Maximum of 5 submissions at a time. Please allow 12 weeks between submissions.

Please submit by email (preferably with a Word attachment). It costs nothing to submit and contributor copies are available for free download or to buy in print. Unfortunately we have had to suspend prize money for the time being, as Gold Dust is a not-for-profit operation and there has not been enough income to fund it.

All pieces must be your own, original work, and you must own the copyright. No previously published work (either in print or online) or simultaneous submissions please. While submitted work is under consideration, or has been accepted for publication, it can not be withdrawn.

Pieces may be published online as well as in print. Editing is at our discretion, with author involvement for major changes where possible.

ArrowPlease include a biography (c200 words) as part of your submission file (to avoid the danger of the two becoming separated) and let us know where you heard about Gold Dust magazine!

ArrowAs Prose Editor I always try to give some indication of my reasons for rejecting a submission. This often means writing the same explanation and advice over and over again to different people, so to save time if you are in any doubt about the kind of story we are mainly looking for please read this little worksheet/handout that I created for a local Creative Writing course some years ago: Work Sheet on the Short Story


Gold Dust will always welcome submissions from both emerging and established writers. Every month we receive an amazing number of poems from international writers and we hope that those numbers will continue to grow. Because of the increase in submissions and there being only one Poetry Editor, it has become necessary to modify our poetry guidelines.  By following these guidelines, our reading and response time will be faster and more efficient, assuring all poets equal time and consideration.  So before submitting, please read the guidelines carefully and make sure to follow them exactly.

Gold Dust is published in June and December.
For our June Issue, please submit during December, January and February.
For our December Issue, please submit during June, July and August.
Any submissions arriving outside these dates will not be read.

Gold Dust does not accept any previously published work or simultaneous submissions. All work must be the original work of the poet and the poet must own the copyright.

Please place GOLD DUST POETRY SUBMISSION in your subject bar.

All submissions must be sent in single spaced in Tahoma typeface, Size 12

Please submit no more than three poems. Each poem may not exceed fifty lines.

All submissions must be accompanied by a cover letter and brief biography of 50 to 150 words, written in the third person.  Anything longer will be subject to editing.

Submissions may be sent in the body of an email when necessary but, we prefer them to be sent in a Word Document attachment when possible. IMPORTANT: If submitting in a Word document, your name, biography, and any contact details to be published, must accompany your poetry within the document.  This includes any pseudonym you may wish to use. Those whose submissions are in the body of an email must make sure all information is included, as well.

Our target response time is 12 weeks. This time is essential to read all submissions and to short list those for publication. All poets whose work has been chosen for publication will be notified by the end of this time. Please do not send queries before the end of twelve weeks, unless it is to notify us that you are withdrawing your poetry to submit elsewhere.

PROSE (Short stories, Flash fiction, Plays, etc):
Maximum word count: 3,000 words
To submit: Email to our Prose Editor

Maximum line count: 50 lines
To submit: Email to our Poetry Editor

BOOK REVIEWS (Your review of someone else's book):
Fiction/Novels, Short Story/Poetry anthologies or non-fiction of literary interest
Maximum word count: 2,000 words
To submit: Email to our Book Reviews Editor

BOOK REVIEWS (Our review of your book):
We are willing to write a review based either on a printed copy of your book or a copy of the final PDF file, including covers. We cannot guarantee that a book will be reviewed in a particular issue of the magazine or at all, and can not guarantee that any review published will be favourable.

To submit: Email to our Book Reviewer

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