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Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 4 of Gold Dust magazine - short stories, poems & writing features.

Our B&W print version costs just £6.91, while our B&W PDF version is a bargain at £1.78.

In this issue, we have a diverse selection of short stories, poetry and reviews, plus an interview with writer Ali al Saeed and book promotions from Elena D. Bowman.



Poems by L. Ward Abel

Flood the Intersection with Bright, Bright Light



Short Story: Speculation by Donna Gagnon

Poem: If This Were a Song by Lisa Zaran

Article: Bringing the Big Boys to Book by Andrea Lowne

Story: Leipzig by Mark Kilburn

Poems by Michael James Treacy

She Explained

Best Choice

Short Story: The Waiting Game by Elspeth Graty

Book review by David Gardiner

Review of ‘How It Happened Here’ by Kevin Brownlow

Poem: Confessions of a Vinyl Junkie by Simon Maslin

Short Story: Sicknote by Simon Maslin

Short Story: Ezrael’s Leaf by Ali al Saeed

Interview: Ali al Saeed

Poem: Bittersweet by David John Pope

Story: Dirty War by Andrew McIntyre

Poems by Glenn Petrant

Lakota Victory Song

Life Song

La Poèsie

At 5 a.m. the Clock Ran Out on Robert Milton

Book Review by David Gardiner

Review of ‘Mean, Mode, Median’ by Aliya Whiteley

Book Promotions by Elena D. Bowman

Sarah’s Landing

The House on the Bluff

Issue 4 is available for sale.

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