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Issue 23

Issue 23

Welcome to Issue 23 of Gold Dust magazine - 48 pages of short stories, poems, reviews, interviews & writing features.

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Short stories

Rascally Piss Stream: A Memoir
by AA Garrison

Tin Girl
by Holly A Cave

The Walker
by Annette Kupke

I really like your opinions but what about the rabbit?
by Verity Healey

Tuesday's Demons
by Bruce Harris

Snow Blindness
by Ruth Brandt

Flash fiction

by Beth J Whiting

Fucking Junkie
by Sara Bell

by Sam Meekings

Ladies' Room
by Slavko Mali

The Badger Game
by Sarah Fry



They wanna hold me back
by Courtni Webb

Who But We should be ONE
by Shelby Stephenson

The Black Chair
by Daffni Percival

Murder Ballad [song]
by Rick Hayter

Found on the Penistone Line
by Steve Komarnyckyj

Only Pretend
by Peter Lowe

A Flight Over the Black Sea.
Istanbul.?he Return
by Ihor Pavlyuk

Grey Ocean
by Charlie Baylis

I Won't Say a Word
by Diarmuid ó Maolalaí

By Garpal Stream
by Charlie Wilkins

?Witchcraft at the Harem
by Aliya Whiteley
Reviewed by David Gardiner

Dr Amo's Lonely Planet
by Jojo Cobbinah
Reviewed by Omma Velada

The Satanic Diaries
by Krister Jones
Reviewed by David Gardiner


Interview: Aliya Whiteley
Interviewed by Omma Velada

Interview: Eleanor Bennett
Interviewed by David Gardiner

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